Kicks Flow: BAIT x Diadora ‘Transformers’

Nostalgia is everything when it brings back your childhood memories and things you loved as  a kid. If you were born or raised in the 80’s, you know the cartoons and toys of the time were truly the best. Pair that era with a love for sneakers and you get a collaboration mashup that really is a dream for people like us. 

BAIT has partnered with Hasbro to bring Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee and Soundwave to famed Diadora runners. In making use of the N.9000s, S.8000 and Aeon, we see Diadora’s premium craftsmanship and materials take center stage, as various suedes and leathers have been utilized throughout the footwear.

In addition, Autobot and Decepticon shields have been placed on each heel, while complementary BAIT, Transformers and Diadora branding has been strategically implemented accordingly.

Alongside the sneakers, BAIT has tapped artist Les Schettkoe to design special “TV Edition” collectible figures that highlight each character in their respective colorway. All purchases in turn come with the coinciding toy. These drop tomorrow and are said to be priced at $230 each, and we feel they’re worth every penny. 

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