Top Shelf: BMW All-Electric MINI Concept

The theme around here lately has been pretty personal for us, and if you’ve been coming to AA for sometime, you know about our affinity for BMW. So it should come as no surprise, that we’re highlighting an awesome new concept today, from them. 

Scheduled to be unveiled at the IAA Cars 2017 show in Frankfurt, Germany next month is the MINI Electric Concept — a sub-branch of BMW Group, as it’ll showcase its take on future personal mobility in the city.

MINI has offered electrified versions of its existing cars, but the Electric Concept is designed from the ground up as an EV, and not just a combustion-powered car with an electric drivetrain option.

Boasting a go kart-esque profile, the two-door/four seater vehicle flaunts lines reminiscent of those found on the rest of the MINI lineup, but upgraded with new enhancements such as a closed front grill since cooling air flow isn’t required, while its charging hub, rearview mirror, headlights, turning indicators and body paint all sport elements of a stylized plug icon — a sign that this is definitely an electric car.

“With its characteristic go-kart feeling and powerful electric motor, the MINI Electric Concept is great fun to drive while also being completely suitable for everyday use – and producing zero emissions to boot. That’s how we at MINI envisage electric mobility in tomorrow’s world,” says Peter Schwarzenbauer, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG, responsible for MINI, Rolls-Royce and BMW Motorrad.

In addition, the car utilizes fibre glass body parts to help reduce drag and increase aerodynamics, while the electric drivetrain is based from the BMW i3 line.
Notably, the design of the vehicle’s dark-colored 19-inch wheels adds another visual highlight, as it contains aerodynamic inlays that were made using a 3D printer, and the same goes for the recessed surfaces in the simulated air intakes. We’re very excited to see what the future holds for more concepts like this, and we hope you stay tuned for more details as they come. 

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