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There’s nothing cooler than digging through a crate to pull out a classic album, on vinyl. Now, in the digital age, we always lean on iPod’s, our phones and laptops, to listen to music when we’re at home. But we often forget how cool it was to play physical media in the 90’s. No one goes around with CD’s and tapes anymore, but the resurgence of vinyl has been a cool thing to watch. Once you have some good vinyl, you need something to play it on though. And there are a ton of options out there for doing so. But the great company Technics has worked on something we think would be the best choice for all you vinyl-heads out there. 

Technics is set to resurrect its classic SP-10 as the SP-10R, what the company is referring to as the “most premium analog, direct-drive turntable to date.” Upon being previewed via prototype at IFA 2017 in Berlin, we see the SP-10R boasting a hefty 7KG platter constructed from brass, aluminum and rubber. The power supply is then featured in a separate unit altogether, with hopes of eliminating vibration. 

“Cogging,” a common rotation irregularity, is then done away with thanks to a coreless direct drive that Technics has used on previous models. The SP-10R’s wow and flutter rate then sits at a low 0.015 percent, in comparison to most quality turntables finding themselves at or under 0.25 percent.

In addition, Technics insists the SP-10R obtains the world’s best signal-to-noise ratio at 92db. For now, these are all the specs we have on Technics’s new SP-10R turntable, which is expected to arrive in Summer 2018. As always, check back with us again for more details, as we near the date this will drop.

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