Some Otha Sh*t: José Parlá “Broken Language” Exhibition @ Haunch of Venison

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Contemporary London gallery Haunch of Venison serves as the home for artist José Parlá‘s forthcoming exhibition “Broken Language.” Known for his vibrant works that explore the multilayered histories of cities and urban environments, his paintings and site-specific installations have been hits internationally – with major shows in London, New York, Paris and Havana. 
In speaking about his latest show, Parlá commented, “For most of my life I have experienced being in transition and migration. This feeling allows me to bring the broken languages of the global community and its conditions into the gallery. My work is an empire of fragmented cacophonies, observed performances, palimpsestic musical gestures, and topographical compositions governing the essence of the cities I’ve traveled through.” “Broken Language” opens February 8 and runs through March 28.

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