The Cool: Steve McQueen

As usual, we continue to salute the very best in freshness and flyness throughout history. Today we want to show a lil' respect for Steve McQueen (Born 1930 - Died 1980). Now, this cat has always been a cool dude to watch in film, he had a lot of respect for Bruce Lee, even acting as a pallbearer at his funeral in 1973, so he scored wild points with us for that move.

Now with every cool cat, comes some suspect action. Word was, that he refused or "declined" as it was printed then, to march in 1963 for Civil Rights. Sources also said he was also "very patriotic and conservative" in his views. Now we know what that usually means, but his people denied every accusation that would indicate that he was "racist". His people said he "loved everyone", so we thought we'd show the cat some love and big up his career in film.

*if we end up hearin' otherwise, this salute will cease to exist.

Movie fans, you MUST peep Bullitt (1968) and The Getaway (1972). Those are straight Steve McQueen classics, but he's got way more.


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