Put On: Jay Electronica

I first heard Jay Electronica's music a couple years back, when Just Blaze played his track "So What You Sayin'" on Shade45. I was like an instant fan, 'cause the track was just ridiculous! It was produced by the late-great Dilla, and Jay was just spittin' the most potent bars I'd heard in awhile.

Fast forward to 2009, and the homie is still one of my favorite current MC's. He's carved his own lane, and his approach lyrically, is definitely on some next level sh*t. So we had to send a quick respect shout out to the homie Jay Elect', for keepin' it straight 100 with his music.

I'm looking' for that album in the near future. Hit us, my dude! Until then, y'all might wanna get up on some of his older material, via his mixtape Style Wars. This is a straight classic, with enough heat on it, to hold you over until the "retail" abum drops. Support these artists!!



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