Fly Season: Adidas JS Wings

I'm a madman sneakerhead, so if you're like me, then you HAVE to peep the new JS Wings for Adidas. You have to..

It really depends on how you like to rock your kicks, or whether you actually wear your limited editions or not. These kicks in particular beg you to rock them, but I would recommend that you just cop these and put them on ice for awhile. Respect to Adidas for really takin' this shoe next level, and wild props to Jeremy Scott, for the craziest design I've seen on kicks in years.

These joints don't drop until next month, but when they do, make sure to skip whatever line you're in, to get a quick pair, because they won't last, lol. Then rock 'em ONLY once, when you'll be seen by enough heads to collect enough groupies for the night, lol.


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