Fly Season: CornerStore Hero

T-shirts are always an easy, but expressive way to keep your freshness poppin' when the weather's decent. Just like kicks, I collect and rock what I think I won't see anybody else in. And with a lot of the t-shirts I've copped from CornerStore Hero, I'm feelin' like I won't see mad people with a shirt I have from them. Their style is inspired by 1950's street wear. And that's what's hot about the line. It's fresh, but with a throwback appeal.

There's a million t-shirt spots in NYC, but one spot that always has pretty fresh t-shirts is Transit, down in The Village. They pretty much have a t-shirt for every kind of cat. And if you're lucky, you might be able to catch a few hot ones on sale.

Props to CSH for keepin' the t-shirt game on it's toes. We definitely support 'em, and you should too! Stay fly, folkers!!


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