Classic Music: Special Ed "Think About It" (1989)


When I was a kid, there were certain MC’s that defined “cool” to me. The kinda cats that you wanted to be like when you grew up, the ones that inspired you to make music too. I was all about Hip Hop as a kid, it changed my life and the lives of pretty much everyone around me too. Special Ed was one of the MC’s that just seemed to be drop hit after hit. His videos were mad cool, and his beats sounded like nothin’ we had heard at the time. He had tons of dope music, which I’m sure I’ll talk about at another time. 

But my favorite Special Ed track has always been “Think About It”. The beat, the lyrics, the video, etc. Everything about this track was cool to me. And it’s one of those joints that just never gets old! I still play this track like it dropped yesterday. It’s crazy to think that this came out 23 years ago! So I wanted to salute Special Ed, for droppin’ so many gems back in the day for us to get inspired by. And shoutout to Howie Tee for bein’ so ridiculous with the production back then too. Peep the video below, Ed had a damn Hovercraft in it! I remember seein’ that back then and goin’ crazy!!


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