Top Shelf: Mercedes-Benz V50S (By VÄTH)

Good Moola..

The performance tuners from Germany’s Vath recently turned their focus on Mercedes-Benz‘s signature E-class sedan, the classy and powerful E500, developing a new V50S performance package that enhances its power just as it gives it more of an edgy look. Capable of fitting on any post-2011 500-series engine, Vath’s engine optimization kit updates the engine’s electronics, enhances its air cooling system, and improves its rear silence system, which combine to push its horsepower to 520 and its torque to 810Nm while dropping its zero to 100 km/h time down to 4.5 seconds. 

Outside of the engine compartment, Vath also replaces the front brake system, swaps in a set of 20″ wheels, and applies a new aerodynamic body kit that includes a front spoiler, a new grille, a rear diffusor and a trunk spoiler all made with carbon fiber. The icing on the cake is a new sport steering wheel and speedometer that captures the MB’s new top speed, 360 km/h (223mph). 



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