Classic Music: Antlife's Top 25 Hip Hop Albums of All-Time #8 (Souls of Mischief "93 'til Infinity") (1993)


Ahhhh, 1993. Hip Hop heads will remember that it was absolutely perfect back then for this music we love so much. It seemed as if there was a classic album droppin’ every single week. I was only a kid, so I had to ask my parents for money to buy these albums, and I was askin’ pretty often. There was a lot of diversity back then. You’d have a hardcore album that you would play to death, then you’d throw on a jazz-infused joint, then a funk-based spaced out album, etc. Music was really going through a great phase back then. We were so open to hearing something different, but we just expected everything we’d hear to be incredibly dope. That was the standard. 

I saw the video for Souls of Mischief’s “That’s When Ya Lost” one afternoon after school and lost my mind. It was just too dope! The beat, the lyrics. It didn’t sound like everything else I’d been listening to at the time at all. My friends and I couldn’t wait for the album to drop, so when it did we were all there the first day to pick up our copies on cassette. Yes, cassette! We had all started writing little raps of our own around this time, so we were super influenced by the group and what they were doing. They seemed like dudes you would actually know, maybe your friend’s bigger brothers or something. And that’s what made them so cool, that accessible vibe. But for all of that, their lyrics and flows were so advanced to us. For this to be their first album, these cats were rhymin’ like seasoned veterans. I was hooked on the album the minute I bought it. This is when I started taking writing seriously because I wanted to be on this level one day. It was as simple as that. I had heard tons of records and albums before this one, but it was this album that seriously made me want to be an MC.

Normally, I would list all the tracks I like from an album, but I like this entire album! It would be crazy for me to sit here and pick track for track, because this is a body of work. It’s not the kind of release that you can pick apart like that. I listen to it now, and feel just as inspired as I did back when it came out. We all get affected by things differently, and this album is one that changed my whole perspective for wanting to make music. I was totally in after this album and I listen to it all the time today, just to remind myself of the very start. Everyone should have this in their collection. No excuses..



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