Top Shelf: Xhibitionist Superyacht by Gray Designs

We’re not playing games with this one. It’s time to get serious for a minute. The massive floating yacht pictured is the work of Swedish designer Eduard Gray and Gray Designs, and it’s called quite accurately, the Xhibitionist.
The 75-meter superyacht is a beautifully crafted piece of machinery, but it would also be an achievement of technology and design in its own right: Not only can the interior of the Xhibitionist be reshaped into a car showroom, a partitioned retail space, and luxury lounge for entertaining, the front of the boat opens up to deploy solar panels that form a platform sturdy enough to hold three helicopters or host a rock concert (and other similarly large scale functions).
And if some of you have noticed that the Xhibitionist has a shape that suggests automotive influences, the watercraft was designed together with a matching Xhibit-G supercar that features a 630-horsepower V12 engine and interior with white leather, black carbon fiber, and chrome.

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