Art Life: aNYthing & Graffiti Legend VFR Are Offering 100 Pieces of Art for $100 This Friday

Either you were there, or you weren’t. But “graf” as we knew it in the early 90’s was life, it really was everything! Block to block, borough to borough, if they didn’t know your crew or tag, you were a nobody! And you have to keep in mind that we were just kids, but this thing meant the world to us. Legends ran the streets the same hours that we did, and you never knew when you’d bump into one. But when you did, it made your night and your status would literally change overnight. Graf never leaves you, it becomes a part of who you are, how you see things. So even after you retire your cans and Pilots, you’re never not a writer anymore.
So we were mad proud to see that New York streetwear and lifestyle brand aNYthing will be presenting 100 works by graffiti artist VFRESH (formerly known as VFR) on Friday, April 5th. Titled “Pieces of History from the Future”, the special exhibition will take place at the aNYthing store in New York located on 103 Allen Street. Together the both of them will be selling the 100 different canvases at an accessible $100 USD each. In commemoration of the event, a limited run of 100 t-shirts will also be available to visitors. Respect to MSC, ARS, NIW, TCF, 456, FWD, CM and all the crews that repped during the good years.

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