Random Shouts: NIGO to Put His Rare Toy Collection Up for Auction

The news hit a couple days ago, and while there are rumors that we won’t either post or hint at, it was bittersweet to hear that Nigo will be selling his toy collection. 80’s babies know that our toy collections, for those of us who have been lucky enough to store them away on ice, is kind of a part of who we are. People do things for different reasons, but it’s always type sad to see someone sell off something so personal.
It’s to be expected that over the course of NIGO‘s career, which spans over 20 years, that he might have collected some rare items along the way. The BAPE founder now unveils some collector’s items from his toy collection, putting the pieces up for auction in conjunction with TOYS VOX Magazine. The collectibles range from Pee Wee Herman figurines to small vintage Batmobiles, but the dominant series throughout is undoubtedly Planet of The Apes. Amongst the items from the series are costume sets, coloring books, Mexican-edition action figures, and much more. The first set of auctioned pieces is now live on Yahoo Auctions Japan, with new releases coming out every week.

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