Dopeness: Upper Playground - Al Capone x Franklin Stroud Mug Set

Morning coffee will never be the same again. We’ve all fallen victim to buying super boring mugs for our morning coffee and tea. Well, those days are over now. Now you enjoy those drinks with a little bit more flavor and attitude. 

Alcatraz Island has housed some of the most notorious inmates in for 30 years. Amongst the prisoners who were incarcerated at The Rock, two infamous names stand out from the rest of the criminals in the remote jail. Al Capone, a Chicago kingpin, and Robert Franklin Stroud, a violent prisoner also known as Birdman of Alcatraz, were two of the most notorious and famous personalities in and out of the American prison system. 

Upper Playground pays tribute to the dark past on the island by creating a limited edition mug set. Hand-illustrated mug shots of Capone and Stroud are printed on one side of the mug, with corresponding prisoner number underneath their faces. Only 130 sets are available from Upper Playground online shop right now.


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