Design: BMW i8 Key Design

I could be wrong, but I believe most of the writers at AA drive BMW’s, so this post is one that I think we can all appreciate and spread good love on. Technology never ceases to amaze me, and it seems like it just gets more and more expansive by the day with how it helps us with the simplest functions of our everyday lives. 

The innovations contained in the upcoming BMW i8 extend even to the key fob, which is made with eco-friendly materials like biopolymer (made with castor bean oil and glass fiber). But what’s really unique about the device is its built in functionality, featuring a high-resolution LCD display showing measurements like charge levels, time on charge or the distance the vehicle can travel before needing to recharge. 

Another feature will allow the i8′s pre-conditioning to be turned on or off. More than just a key fob, it’s something of a small smartphone for your car. The BMW i8 is scheduled to launch in the first half of next year.

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