Kicks Flow: New Balance C-Series - 996C & 600C

We’ve really been digging in the stash to pull out a variety of shoes that serve an array of purposes. Kicks are great, especially when you have a collection that speaks to every kind of lifestyle. So today, prepare yourself for yet another dope shoe that brings some freshness to another one of our very favorite activities. 

New Balance has unveiled the first images of its upcoming C-Series, designed specifically for cycling. Two of the introductory models take the form of the 996C and 600C, each featuring a reinforced forefoot and harder density rubber outsole to prevent flex over the pedals, as well as a unique tongue pocket that allows tied laces to be safely tucked away to avoid any catching on the pedals. 

Among the most striking details is found on the reflective N logo on the 996C, specifically developed to function as a real bike reflector. Look for additional models to be revealed in the run-up to the official launch, scheduled for January 22nd.

Purposefully Fresh

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