Top Shelf: McLaren 650S Le Mans Special Edition Tributes F1 GTR


As you all know, we work in trying to get people to aspire. Antlife Academy kind of specializes in catering to the dreamers out there who have a path set for themselves that they won’t stray from. Sometimes success can be related to the things that we can purchase for ourselves. Things that will add a little bit of fun to our lives by way of excess. For some people, that comes by way of luxury automobiles. And since we’re no stranger to drooling over cars that you never seem to see on the streets, we thought we’d keep the love going in showcasing one that will surely make you want to get your dividends upward bound.

Honoring the 20th anniversary of the McLaren F1 GTR victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the special edition 650S Le Mans coupe was hailed by the vehicle’s designer, Peter Stevens, as “a fantastic homage to that original (F1) design, and to the incredible race result achieved by the team in 1995 at one of the most difficult, and most challenging races in the world.” 

Featuring a roof-mounted air filtration system, exterior aesthetics include a metallic Sarthe Grey, minor louvres on the front wings to reduce pressure over the front wheels, and ‘Le Mans Edition’ lightweight alloy wheels. Black leather with orange accents veil the interior while a Le Mans logo is embossed on the headrest of each seat.




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