Skate Life: Skateboards with Prayer Rugs by Mounir Fatmi

There was a time when a good skateboard just came with a black-top that resembled dark sandpaper. Designs were minimal. And it didn’t matter because if you were serious about your skating, aesthetics were the last thing on your mind. Today, it’s a little different. And skaters worldwide enjoy letting their boards speak to their personality and taste a little more than they did back in the day. 

Moroccan artist Mounir Fatmi has deconstructed dozens of prayer rugs used by Muslims during the various positions of Islamic prayer for his exhibition with ADN Gallery during UNTITLED artfair at Art Basel Miami. The artist applied the prayer rugs to skateboards. The addition of the richly colored fabrics to the skateboards results in a new meaning for both objects, dealing with “the desecration of religious objects and, in turn, the end of dogmas and ideologies.”


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