Kicks Flow: Nike Diamond-Studded Mercurial CR7 “Rare Gold” Boots


Craftsmanship is something that we don’t give credit to enough when we speak on footwear. We definitely love how they perform for us and feel, but we rarely speak to the work that goes into constructing what we wear on our feet. So today, we thought we’d change up a little and show some love to the work, but also the aesthetic. Some shoes just deserve that level of shine.

In a wide margin of victory, Cristiano Ronaldo successfully defended his world footballer of the year crown, capturing the Balloon d’Or for a third time. Two years in a row. The Real Madrid forward ran away with the vote count, doubling up on the next highest contender – FC Barcelona’s Lionel Messi. His impressive performance last year which culminated in a European Cup title helped tip the scales in his favour. Nike, Ronaldo’s sponsor, marked the occasion by unveiling the Mercurial CR7 “Rare Gold.” 

Commemorating his achievements and a work ethic that is second to none, the boots come in a gold colorway and are painstakingly embedded with micro-diamonds – a first for Nike – in a long, arduous process that required finesse and perseverance: attributes that describe one of football’s leading men.

See the boots in action when Ronaldo laces them up this week and shop the current collection from Nike.com.



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