Classic Music: Lord Finesse - Actual Facts

Now this is really what's up! If you're not rockin' with any D.I.T.C. music on your iPod, at the crib or in the whip, than you're not Hip Hop, period.

This video was so classic to me when I saw it for the first time, and I knew that The Awakening album was gonna be just as fire, as it was. Lord Finesse has always been one of my favorite MC's, and I probably tell him that, everytime I bump into him, lol. This joint here though, is just one of those hot posse cuts that we really don't see as much as we used to. You got Sadat X from Brand Nubian, the production legend, Large Professor and the great Grand Puba, also from Brand Nubian (what up, Max'?) on there. Peep all the other cameos too, like Fat Joe and The Teacher, KRS-One!

That's just too much legend status for one track, so if you don't have this song or album in your collection, you should really fix that immediately. Respect to Finesse, for givin' Hip Hop nothin' but hot music. And what up to the entire D.I.T.C. for holdin' down NYC with them crate diggin' classics. You'll definitely be seein' more love for the crew on AA in the near future.


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