Going Off: Where is Harlem Heights?

My peoples, My peoples, Pretty McFly here and I want to know where is "Harlem Heights"? Now being a native of Harlem I'm perplexed with this new term "Harlem Heights". Who decided to rename Harlem? Did Harlem need a new name? The Shuck N Jive TV network, that will remain nameless in this post has a whole show focused on this so called "Harlem Heights" where only one of the cast members is actually from Harlem! The rest are these implants who revel in this "new" Harlem.
Well personally I prefer the Harlem of old. With the record shops and the street vendors lining 125th street. Where I could get the best steamed crabs I've ever had right from 137th and Lenox or shoot up to the Rucker (before the courts became lined with endorsements) and catch real ball players gettin' busy. Don't get me wrong I'm all about progress, but not at the risk of Harlem losing its soul.
So you can keep your "Harlem Heights" with it's commerical businesses and it's commerical people. I love Harlem just fine. Peace

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