Fly Season: Adidas Superstar - Diamond Edition

My 3 Stripe cats will definitely appreciate this one.

If you're talkin' classic kicks, then you have to mention the Superstars from Adidas, or "shelltoes", as most people call them. I don't know if it gets any more classic than these. This new pair here, is just another one of those rare pairs that you really should own and lock up somewhere.

This is the iconic Superstar, but it's been released in a limited "diamond" edition. The kicks come in a white and black colorway and feature premium materials with stripes with 0.2 carat diamonds. They retail for about 473.84 euros ($612, roughly).

Now some people might not think they're worth the bread. But I can almost guarantee, that you won't see anybody else rockin' these, if you get 'em. Summer's only a couple of months away. Hit the web, it's time to start loadin' up on all of these kinds of rare gems. I kid you not..


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