Cop This Album: Mos Def - The Ecstatic

This album isn't even out yet, but when it does drop...just cop it, lol.

Mos' has been doin' a lot of actin' for the past few years, and not for nothin', he's actually one of the few MC's, who I think can really act. And though we love seein' the homie doin' his thing on TV and in film, we really like hearin' the cat's music. And so this new album is said to drop on the 10 year anniversary of his debut Black on Both Sides (June 9th).

I remember waitin' for Mos' to drop that album, and hearin' leaks for the stuff he was doin' with Shawn J. Period, at the time. None of those tracks would make the album, but they made waitin' for the album even crazier, lol. Mos' is just one of those MC's that does what he does so effortlessly. We all wish he would drop more music, so when he does, it's important to head out and support. So mark that date down, and keep checkin' to see if the date still stands. We will definitely keep you updated.


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