Dopeness: Lil' Wayne ft. Dre - Hot Revolver

Yes, folkers!!

Wayne is everywhere right now, but we had to send a quick salute out for his new track, called "Hot Revolver". It's featuring the good homie Dre from production duo Cool & Dre (what up, Dre?), and it's pretty damn serious. This track is supposed to be on Wayne's upcomin' Rock album, Rebirth.

As of today, there's been a lot of talk about the album bein' shelved, due to a lot of skepticism, as far as Wayne's label not believin' the release will do well in sales. We can't confirm that this is actually the case, but we hope that the album sees the light of day, 'cause the few tracks that have leaked have been good money, so far.

Creative control, people, creative control.


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