Classic Music: Souls Of Mischief - '93 'til Infinity

More of that classic Hip Hop for you right here...let's salute this one heavily.

Early 90's Hip Hop just can't be denied, and it almost seemed like everything that dropped back then was or was damn near a classic album. I copped Souls Of Mischief's '93 'til Infinity the first day it dropped. And this was just one of those albums that blew me away back then. Bein' from NYC, I was a lil' arrogant with other regions, 'cause I thought you had to be from NY to really be lyrical (Souls Of Mischief is from The Bay area), lol. I was a kid then, so that should be forgivable. But this was the album that really got me and my crew hooked on that Heiro' music.

These cats had lyrics for days, and they had really perfected the multi-syllable rhyme flow, that we hear a lot more in music today. I think they were way ahead of their time, and this album showcases that point. I went on to cop their second album that dropped on Jive in '95 too, as well as their indie projects as well. But this first major release, was the one that made me a fan overnight. So I gotta show respect to one of those classic, but slept-on albums that acted as a soundtrack to my wonder years. Peace to the Souls', Casual, Pep Love, Del and the rest of the Heiro' crew.


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