Dopeness: Laser Cut Wooden Records by Amanda Ghassaei

Times change so quickly, and with it, technology and how we live our everyday lives. Now, if you’re a music head, you’ve probably had a couple of albums on cassette before, than CD, now mp3 or AIFF on an iPod. But, if you’re even older or deejayed at some point, you may have some records in the stash, vinyl. That’s a lost format that really didn’t get the love over the past 20 or so years that it should have. Nothing sounds like vinyl! 
And just like any vinyl record, designer Amanda Ghassaei has attempted to reproduce accurate soundbytes by converting digital audio files onto laser-cut wooden records with a precision of 1200dpi. Unlike hi-fi audio, the acoustics are rendered in a resolution of 4-5 bits (typical MP3 audio is 16 bit), and a sampling rate up to about 4.5kHz (MP3 is 44.1kHz). If you don’t think this is absolutely dope, then you really don’t have a pulse.


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