Random News: NIGO Announces His Definitive Departure from BAPE

I remember back in like ’04-’05, being in Soho in NY, and havin’ a ridiculous time try’na find certain BAPE tees that were limited edition. All the connections in the world didn’t mean a thing. The dudes who wanted to be your connect, would sell whatever they were holding for you, if someone else popped up before you did, with extra bread on them. It was a wild time to cop BAPE. Everyone with a little money to burn was going crazy for the stuff. That would only make the chase that much more fulfilling! Good times, indeed. Now for the sad news..
NIGO, the founder of Japanese streetwear brand A Bathing Ape aka BAPE, announces his departure from the brand. In February 2011 news came out that NIGO had sold 90% of the Bape brand to Hong Kong’s I.T. After almost 20 successful years in the business, NIGO said at the time that the business side of BAPE had not been taken care of properly and therefore resulted in some financial difficulties and eventually in the sale.
After the sale NIGO still had a contract with BAPE for design, marketing, and creative direction and that contract is now concluded. After building the brand for 20 years (1993-2013), the founder is now out and it definitely marks the end of an era. NIGO goes on saying that he will be working as a freelance creator in many different fields going forward.

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