Fly Season: Warby Parker 1922 Collection


I think it was sometime in early 2012 that I first heard about Warby Parker. It’s not like my vision is so impaired, but I always dug wearing glasses, even though my prescription probably doesn’t really call for it. So I was in serious need of new glasses, just to sport, not to see. I did the five-day try-on thing with them, bought a pair and never stopped trying their glasses on. I’ve since ordered the Winston and Percy models (don’t bite). In all honesty, I just ordered another five try-ons last week, which should be getting to me in the mail any day now. I’m definitely a fan..

The current interest in sartorial flair of the past has hit full steam recently. Warby Parker and their stellar line of eyewear are contributing to the movement with the debut of their 1922 collection. Named after the year that inspired it, the 1922 collection epitomizes American culture in the roaring twenties.
It was the year James Joyce published Ulysses, T.S. Eliot published The Wasteland, and Eugene O’Neill won a Pulitzer Prize. It was the year Louis Armstrong moved to Chicago, and the year in which F. Scott Fitzgerald set The Great Gatsby.
The collection’s three frames—the Duke, Porter, and Joplin— feature custom acetate and lightweight stainless steel. Porter and Joplin are also available as sunglasses. Available now at Warby Parker for $95 USD. To stay on top of Warby Parker’s latest developments, check out their Twitter and Facebook page.




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